These are the most important things I would like to see and do, in the company of my wife Jacqueline, during my life-time.

Some of the items are particular to myself but many of them should appeal to most people.

The items in the list shown in RED have already been achieved. (75 of them)

I am presently engaged in adding more photos to the items that do not have any.


1. See a Space Shuttle take off.    As this is not attainable any more I  am going to change it
                                                for something  nearer home. VISIT THE GARDEN OF ENGLAND.

2. Design and have a new home built.

3. See the Grand Canyon.                                     

4. Visit Ayres Rock.

5. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.                  

6. Cruise the Nile & see Tutankhamen's Tomb.                                    

7. See the Northern Lights.

8. Visit Elvis Presley's Graceland.               

9. Go to the top of Table Mountain. (South Africa).

10. See New England in the fall.        

11. Visit Florida and Walt Disney World.         CLICK HERE 1981     CLICK FOR 1990        CLICK FOR 1999     CLICK FOR 2003 PART 1       CLICK FOR 2003  PART 2

12. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.

13. Sunbathe on a nudist beach.              

14. Visit Niagara Falls.                           

15. Visit Hawaii.                                      

16. Walk on a glacier.                        

17. Visit the Maldives.

18. Sail on a gondola in Venice.                            

19. Walk on the Great Wall of China.

20. Fly on Concorde. (now impossible). But have been in two of them at a Paris Museum.                       

21. Visit Las Vegas.                                                                        

22. See Mount Rushmore. (4 presidents of the USA).              

23. Cross the International Date Line.

24. Visit Cape Kennedy. (Florida).                 

25. Go on Safari in Africa.

26. Create our own Web Site.                             

27. Touch a piece of Moon rock                   

28. Sail through the Panama Canal.                 

29. See the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.                                       

30. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.                   

31. Pet a Koala Bear                       

32. Meet Slim Whitman and own a copy of every song he has recorded (555)          

33. Cruise on the QE2.                           

34. Cruise on the QM2.

35. Ride a camel in the desert.         

36. Visit Victoria Falls.

37. Go up the Space Needle in Seattle.                    

38. Visit Roswell in New Mexico where Aliens supposedly landed.                 

39. Cruise the Caribbean. (6 Cruises)                       


40. Sail through the Bermuda Triangle.

41. Visit Yosemite Park in California.                                                             

42. Drive on a public road at 120mph without getting caught.                 

43. Travel on the Orient Express.

44. Go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto.                                         

45. Watch a Rodeo.                                 

46. Visit Acapulco                                                 

47. Take the controls and fly a plane(Tony)/take  a helicopter flight(Jackie)           

48. Visit the Taj Mahal.

49. Go White Water Rafting.                 

50. Visit Alaska.                                      

51. Go up the Sears Tower in Chicago.                                              

52. Visit Sydney in Australia.                      

53. Go up in a Hot Air Balloon.                      

54. Visit the Alamo                        

55. Visit Mauritius.

56. Walk on Bondi Beach.                

57. Ride a Cable-car in San Francisco                 

58. Cruise the Fjords.

59. Visit New Orleans.                                

60. Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge.                

61. Tour British Columbia in Canada.              

62. See and walk on a live volcano.           

63. Visit Yellowstone Park.  Almost did so                 .

64. Visit Hoover Dam.                            

65. Swim with Dolphins.                                

66. Create a Family Tree.                           

67. Visit Southern Ireland and see The Ring of Kerry & the Dingle Peninsular                  

68. Go Whale Watching.                                 

69. Watch Sheffield United play at Wembley.                    

70. Visit Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.                         

71. Visit Pearl Harbour.                                    

72. Visit Pisa's Leaning Tower.                    

73A. See at least 10 West end shows in London                      

73B. See at least 25 well-known entertainers perform live.     

74. Read all of Dean Koontz's novels.(54 of them, 48 read so far)                    CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

75. Retire at the age of 53.

76. See Dodge City and Boot Hill.                      

77. See proof that other life exists in the Universe.               

78. Visit the Vatican and see the Sistine Chapel.      

79. Live to be at least 75 years of age.              

80. Visit Pompeii, Sorrento, Naples, Capri & travel the "Amalfi Drive" in Italy     

81. Fully understand Einstein's theories of Time and Space.                 

82. See the turtles on the Galapagos Islands.

83. Visit the Seychelles.                

84. Go up the Eiffel Tower.                    

85. See the Mona Lisa.                     

86. Go to the Moulin Rouge.                        

87. Ride in a HUMMER (Humvee) vehicle.        

88. Pilot an expensive boat on the sea.          

89. Visit NASA Space Centre in Texas             

90. Visit all 7 continents.       ( 5 completed).

91.Visit all 50 American States.    ( 40 completed).

92. Appear on TV.                    

93. Be a Great-Grandfather.            

94. Visit Alcatraz.                        

95. Travel through the Channel Tunnel.  

96. Visit Notre Dam during Mass and Eucharist.                    

97. Visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon & the site of the 1st Olympic Games at Athens.         

98. Cruise the Mediterranean.                     

99. Take tea at the Ritz in London.                   

100. Teach children at a school.                              

And just one more for good measure!

101. Experience a vacation day never to be forgotten.    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

    Includes Nos. 16, 37, and 61.

      Includes Nos.  22, 45, 49, and 64 

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