In November 1995 we went on a Cruise and Stay holiday. One week at Sharm-el-Sheikh and a week's cruise on -

Thomson's Cruise Ship - SPIRIT

We flew to Sharm-el-Sheikh which had the worst airport we have ever seen. Our cruise took us to AQUABA in Jordan where we visited the Red Rose city of PETRA. After another day at sea we docked at PORT SUEZ which is quite near to Cairo and the pyramids at Giza -

To reach our destination we had to book a shore excursion of 12 hours duration at a cost of £65 each -

These are the three most well-known pyramids at Giza, the largest was built 2,500 years before Christ and stands 48 feet high.

For a small charge we went inside the Great Pyramid along a low passageway to a tomb containing the remains of a sarcophagus -

Cameras were forbidden inside. Our excursion consisted of 12 coaches and we were given a police escort (Egypt had recently experienced terrorism). A short coach ride then took us to another of Egypt's attractions -

THE SPHINX. This was built to guard the pyramids. Notice she has lost her nose. Visitors were not allowed to approach any nearer so we will just have to use a little computer magic to get round this regulation:-

After leaving The Sphinx we were taken to Cairo for a first class lunch at a 5 star hotel. Then, after a shopping expedition we went to Cairo Museum to see the treasure of Egypt including:-

This was one of the many treasures discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.