This is what the Moulin Rouge looks like inside. We booked a show there whilst on a short Paris break in April 2008.

Moulin Rouge is French for RED WINDMILL 

When we got inside we were told no photographs were allowed to be taken. We sat our table and picked up the drinks menu.

Hell! It said your first drink is 99 Euros. (about £81). When the waiter came I asked if that was correct. He said it was but as we had purchased a pre-booking package of £116 each for the show and a meal our first drink was free and we could have a bottle of champagne.

The meal was good but not outstanding- we drank the entire bottle of Chablis.

The show was fantastic. The costumes worn by the 40 dancers were incredible- I say costumes but sometimes the costumes were almost non- existent. We were so near to the girls I had to keep ducking to prevent their nipples poking my eyes out.

We were utterly amazed when 6 miniature ponies trotted on to the stage. As I said no photos were allowed so I' ll have to copy one out of the £6.50 programme we bought. -