In May 2002 we were returning from an Hawaiian cruise with an over night stay in Chicago before flying home next day.

This gave us an opportunity to go to the top of this:


We arrived at the Tower and went to pay the entrance fee. BIG PROBLEM:

This is what the Tower looked like from the ground. We were told that if we went up all we would see was a blanket of fog.

                                               We were so disappointed and walked away.

4 years later we found ourselves in Chicago again. Not on holiday this time but here to attend our son's wedding.

This time the weather was much better:


When the Tower was built in 1973 it was the tallest building in the world, standing 1730 feet.

Subsequently it was overtaken by the Twin Towers but when these were destroyed it regained its title.

This time there was no fog:

The entrance fee for the Tower was only $10 but in reality it cost us much, much more. I have a habit of leaving my haversack unzipped and someone got a very nice £165 Pentax digital camera.