In October 1994 we toured California, Arizona and Nevada.

This gave us the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon which is in Arizona.

When we left Phoenix, Arizona, in our hire car the temperature was 75F but during our 140 mile journey to Flagstaff (elevation 6,000ft) the temperature dropped to 38F and it started to rain.

As we began the 80 mile climb to the Canyon the rain turned to snow. HEAVY SNOW! I pressed on through it until Jacqueline pleaded with me to turn back. I had to concede defeat, and did so- our mission to see the Canyon had failed.     Next day we picked up our tour route and headed for Las Vegas. It was here that we discovered there was still a possibility to see the Canyon. 

Whilst chatting to an American he told us we could take a small aircraft and fly back over the Canyon. This we did and our wish to see the Grand Canyon was fulfilled.

The 12 seater plane gave us a very choppy ride over the Canyon. One lady spent most of the time using her sick-bag. We were so pleased to see the place as Jacqueline's face shows.