In June 2000 we toured TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, KANSAS & OKLAHOMA.

Dodge City is in Texas so we arranged our route to go there.

Much of the Old West has been retained in Dodge City -

                 For instance, here is the old jail                                                                                                and this is BOOT HILL

In the centre of the town there has been constructed a reproduction of the buildings of how they existed in the1800's - 

This are is used to put on shows each day showing gunfights etc -


Visitors are seated and a group of actors reproduce a scene from the old west. A argument takes place and a fight breaks out -


A full scale shootout begins and all the baddies are killed.

All the wooden buildings have proper insides, they are not just frontage. They are fitted out to resemble the cowboy era and contain museum artefacts -

OK I guess you look the part, Jacqueline.

One of the buildings was my favourite. It features in most Westerns, THE SALOON.

I picked up a glass, slid it across the bar top and the cowboy at the end caught it.

I wasn't long before I'd got to know the all the Western characters, ESPECIALLY this one - - - -

Earlier in the day we had got friendly with the Hulett family -

We agreed to meet up with them back here in the evening when there was different show put on -

There many acts, including a lady on an old fashioned piano. The Can-Can was the best

Would I be as lucky pulling a girl as I was at the earlier show? Yep I sure was!

We left Dodge City and moved on to Wichita where we had more cowboy adventures, but that's another story.