18 years after taking our two daughters to Florida we decided to let history repeat itself by taking our two daughters children, Hannah and Lucy. Don't they just look mischievous? :-


After a 9 hour flight via Glasgow we landed in Sanford, Orlando at 745pm. Both girls were exhausted by the time we booked into Motel 6 at 9.0pm (2.0am back home). Next day the girls said the motel was not to their liking so we packed our bags and moved to BEST WESTERN

This motel had a better swimming-pool so they were happy. They were also happy with the hire car we had been given :-

Maybe we should have exchanged it for the car on the right. The first theme park we visited was WATER MANIA :-

Another place we visited was BEUNA VISTA

The second theme park we went to was the main reason why we had come to Florida- TO SEE WALT DISNEY WORLD & THE MAGIC KINGDOM.

The weather was perfect and we went on most of the rides and met many of the Disney characters.

The daily parade was great and the girls joined in. They were not a lot of trouble but we showed them what we would do if they were :---

When we took their mothers in 1981 they had misbehaved so we did the same to them and left them there.

Another character the girls met was Alice-in Wonderland.                  And one of their favourite rides was It's A Small World

Nanny Jacqueline and grandpa Tony say we are a couple of characters so that's probably why you can see us up there!

We then moved on to another theme park - SEA WORLD

Here we saw the world famous SHAMU and met other Disney characters. No there wasn't twp Donald Ducks I joined two photos together. to save space.

One of the major enjoyments of the USA is the food and we certainly had our share:--

Looks like we are enjoying it!

All these theme parks made the girls very tired :-

Can't seem to think of a comment here.

Throughout the holiday all the shopping expeditions were concentrated on just one thing : BEANIE BABIES

They bought loads of them

The final theme park we visited was ANIMAL KINGDOM ;--

Whilst in here we had the only rain of the holiday- torrential rain for 30 minutes then sunshine again. If you are wondering what's in their tee-shirts, it's ICE-CUBES.

Time to go home now

Just time for a last dip in the pool. When we arrived at the airport our flight was delayed so the girls had 3 consecutive sessions in Airtours children's entertainment. When they went to bed at home they each slept for 15 hours.