Our visit to Alaska turned out to be an Alaskan Cruise in May 2003.

We flew to San Francisco, stayed over night there and then we were taken by coach to Ensalada, in Mexico to board the ship.

This was the ship we sailed on.

Our first port of call was Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada and the main attraction we saw there was:

Butchart Gardens. From here we sailed on to:

KETCHIKAN  a sleepy little town where we watched an outdoor attraction called "The Lumberjack Show".

They performed all sorts of skills with logs, axes and saws.

Then we sailed on to the capital of Alaska, JUNEAU:

May in Alaska is supposed to be cold and we had packed a lot of warm clothes. Most of these clothes were nor needed because the weather was great and we were able to wear shorts.

We went on a trip to see whales. More information of this can be seen by viewing No. 68 on this list.

Some of the views we saw were magnificent:

From Juneau we sailed on to :

Sitka was a beautiful port:


It even had its own volcano that last erupted 8,000 years ago.

The national emblem of the USA is the Bald Eagle and it is considered a privilege to see one. Well we were in for a surprise -

whilst walking around the town we came across this sight :-

Over a dozen of them staring down at us.

Maybe we should now mention our cruise ship. It was one of the best we had ever sailed on.


The two photos above give you an idea of the Gala Buffet we attended.

The final leg of the cruise took us to:

VANCOUVRE, and from here we flew home.

We must just mention one last thing. At the ship's evening dinner table we had been placed with two American couples:

They were Sal and Edie and Curt and Cathy. We became very good friends with then which led to an incredible out come. To see what happened you will need to view No. 11 (20003 Part 1 & 2)  of this list of 100 Things to see and do.