The second part of our vacation would be spent with Sal and Edie who lived at a place called Jenson Beach, Hutchinson Island. We had no idea what to expect as we drove up there from Fort Lauderdale. What a surprise we were in for! :-

It was a private holiday complex. We told the security who we had come to see and they contacted Edie who came down to the entrance in her Jag :-               She then took us to see their house which was right on the waterfront :-

Edie told us that we were not staying at their house. They owned another property so we went to see it:-

When we went inside there was another surprise waiting for us:-

The fridge was stocked with food for us and even more goodies on the table. Outside was our transport for getting around the complex:-

Our own Golf Buggy.  Given all the food available in the fridge were we surprised when Edie said we would be eating with them on the first evening:-

Sal and Edie are of Italian descent so it was quite natural for her to be a good cook. The pasta and accompanying sauce were delicious which we ate whilst gazing out over the moonlit bay.

Next day we explored the site:-

There were 3 swimming pools, a private beach and many activity games. We had numerous games of shuffle board.

We became very addicted to Crazy Golf ( Jackie beat me by 2 shots in this game). We also had a go at throwing the horseshoe. Pretty nifty camera shot I got here - you can see the horseshoe in flight.

Sal and Edie had a daughter called Christina. Christina and her husband, Mike, owned a boat which they kept moored alongside Edie's house:-

Edie told us that something special had been arranged for us for this particular evening. They knew we had already been on a day boat trip with Curtiss and Cathy so this time it would be a night voyage to a restaurant:-


We stepped off the boat right into the restaurant. The bill was around £100 but we weren't allowed to contribute, Christina paid it.

We thanked everyone for a fantastic evening  and Mike asked us if we would like to go sea-fishing tomorrow. Sal and Edie said it would not be possible because they had arranged something else for us.

Next day we all drove to OKEECHOKEE to meet up with members of a motor cycle club

We got a pleasant surprise because Curtiss and Cathy had arrived on their bike. Sal and Curtiss were great buddies and both worked in the police force.

Well it's time to say goodbye to all our friends in Florida. Our vacation there has proved once again to us that the American people are the kindest, most friendly and generous nation in all the world. Thank you Curtiss, Cathy, Sal and Edie, from the bottom of our hearts for looking after us so well.

There's just one character who has not yet appeared on these pages so let's bring her in:-


From Jenson beach we travelled on into Orlando and spent the last 4 says of our holiday there. We paid yet another visit to the Epcot Centre.

Sadly, shortly after this holiday Edie had a double dose of tragic circumstances. She lost her husband, Sal, through illness and Jenson Beach was hit by hurricane Frances in 2004 which did tremendous damage. Edie sold up and moved to property inland