In September 1984 Jacqueline and I booked a Carnell Tours coach holiday to Jeselo in Italy.

Our daughter, Lisa, went with us and brought one of her friends, Karen Alder, too.

We stayed half board at the Hotel Imperia -

Meal times were a source of real laughter. Mainly because of the antics of a guest at another table who would repeatedly and meticulously clean her table of crumbs  -

Now during 1989 there was on TV an advert for Walls ice cream that involved a gondola in Venice. The words were to the tune "O Sole Mio"

To hear this advert click on the picture below -

On a day trip to Venice which is quite near to Jesselo we decided to take a gondola ride but we insisted that the gondolier must sing to us and it must be the Walls ice cream ad.   So that is what happened. -

You can see Jacqueline is singing her head off!

Now I was outnumbered 3 : 1 with females on this holiday and they were all keen to sunbathe topless. Let's have a look at a few examples -

Or maybe I could titivate the next photo a little -

And finally everyone has heard of the song DAISY DAISY, with the line finishing - "and a bicycle made for two".

Well what could we sing to this? -