In September 1995 we attempted the mammoth task of visiting 11 East Coast American States in just 16 days.

One of the States we visited was New York so we had the chance to climb this statue -


To reach the statue it is necessary to get there by ferry from Battery Park -

The price of our ferry ticket was £5 each.

Leaving Manhattan behind, the Twin Towers still intact.

Approaching the statue which was completed in 1886. It was a gift to America from France and commemorated the hundred year anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.


Entrance to the statue is free. it is constructed of Iron (60%) and Copper (40%).

There is a lift which takes visitors up to the base of the statue but we chose not to use it. Inside the statue there is a cleverly constructed spiral staircase. Its ingenious design allows both ascending and descending visitors to use it at the same time. After 9/11 visitors were stopped from climbing the statue but we were lucky enough to go right up to the crown. Sometimes there is a wait of 2-3 hours, we were there early and had only a short wait. We climbed all 354 steps to reach the top.