It is our ambition to visit all 50 American States; so far we have completed holidays in 40 of them.

Without doubt, the most pleasurable aspect of holidaying in the USA is the American people. Their friendliness towards the British is boundless and this helps to make your holiday a success.

All the holidays were undertaken on a Do-it-Yourself basis. This "self-organised" method is much cheaper than using Holiday Company organised tours and allows more flexibility.

For each holiday, one or more States were selected and a tour of the places of interest was carried out using a hire-car.

The tours already completed are:-

FLORIDA Visit Disney World, Sea world, Cape Kennedy and much more.

WEST COAST California, Arizona, Nevada (including the Grand Canyon)

EAST COAST Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, N.Jersey, 

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire (and Toronto, Canada)

CAROLINAS Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

MID-SOUTHERN Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana,

Alabama, Florida.

COWBOY STATES Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma.

WEST CENTRAL Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska.

HAWAII A cruise from Mexico to visit four of the Hawaiian Islands

ALASKA A cruise from San Francisco to Alaska via Victoria

LAS VEGAS See the fabulous hotels without the need to gamble.

GENERAL TIPS click here for useful holiday tips.

If you have any holiday information on any State we have not visited yet, then I would be very pleased to hear from you.


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