This person was the father of Lawrence Jackson, Grandfather of Tony Jackson and Great Grandfather of Dean, Hayley and Lisa Jackson.

I have only two photos of him:

Taken during the 1930's.

He is on the left here with his son, Herbert, my uncle.

He was born in 1881 and lived at 121 HILL STREET, Sheffield.

He worked, firstly, as a Tram Conductor and then as a Merchant's Clerk.

He was married to ADA JACKSON and they had 3 children:

Lawrence, Herbert and Elsie. (They then lived at 18 Denby Street)

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Herbert Jackson died before I was born but his wife, Ada, lived here during the 1950's:

58 Clough Road, Sheffield.

Herbert and Ada Jackson are on the right here. On the left is his son (also called Herbert, who is Tony Jackson's uncle) with his wife Beatie.

Herbert Jackson's mother and father were:


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