YORKSHIRE TERRIERS.please click me

Owning a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet has three distinct advantages:-

1. You don't have to put much in at the front end.

2. You don't get much coming out at the back end.

3. They don't need to be taken for long walks.

We have had Yorkshire Terriers as pets for over 20 years and have three at the moment. The smallest weighs less than 3 pounds. This breed of dog will give you boundless affection and pleasure.

Their main disadvantage is their incessant yapping whenever someone comes near the house, although this can be asset for deterring burglary.

We do not breed the animals but have gained much experience in looking after them and providing for their well-fare. Should you have any questions we will be only too pleased to try and answer them.

Unfortunately since I wrote the above words our Yorkie count has reduced from three to one.

On 6th March 2010 we lost Tammy to pneumonia and heart failure, she died aged 14.

Then on 6th October 2010 Holly our youngest also died of lung and heart problems, age 12 years 4 months.

We lost Suzie, aged 14 years 6 months ( November 2010 ).

Now we have no dogs and cannot have any more. At our age a new dog would more than likely outlive both of us.

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