I have collected 2,562 different copies of sheet music. The majority is of the era 1950-1960

but I have also have a substantial amount for the years 1920-1950 and 1960 to 1990.

The one song sheet that I have not been able to buy is "Jacqueline" sung by the 1950's singer Bobby Helms which reached No.16 in the charts. I have even tried to trace a copy of the sheet music by searching the Internet for a contact point for Bobby Helms but I believe he died a few years ago.

After giving up any hope of finding this song sheet the problem has now been solved. In October 2008 my son's wife, ANNE,  in Chicago located a copy on Ebay and they bought it for me. I was overjoyed when it unexpectedly arrived in the post one day.

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