I will write these pages as though it is Lisa talking to you.

I   was born at 4.0am on 1st July 1968 at my home here:

at 10 Godric Drive,  in Brinsworth.

I was christened LISA DIANE JACKSON and weighed 8lb  4oz ( 3.74Kg).

This is the earliest photo that exists of me:

If you stare at this photo it looks as though I have only one leg that is extremely long.

I was fed on bottle milk from birth as were my brother and sister. I never had a dummy but  did suck my thumb and hold a handkerchief when sleeping.

Hang on a moment an earlier photo has turned up:

  For some reason my older sister, Hayley, had not been christened so my mother decided there would be a double christening at St Andrew's church on Bonnet Lane. From left to right the people are:

My dad's aunt   Annie, my mum's cousin Joan,

My dad's aunt, Vera, my dad's aunt Elsie(holding Lisa),

Renee and Michael (my mums aunt and uncle),

My nan, Hilda, with Dean in front,

finally. my dad and mum ( holding Hayley).

I was walking before I was a year old and:

by the look of this photo I enjoyed climbing too. Notice the telephone. My father, being a telephone engineer meant we had one in nearly every room. He was very strict on how many times we were allowed to use the phone. My sister and I thought of a way to fool him and I'll tell you about this later.

The next two photos were taken at Godric Drive. Looks as though I was a happy enough child:


The next photo was taken on one of my many holidays at this place:

Appuldurcome, Isle-of Wight.

The next photo is a bit of a mystery. It was taken at a professional studio but neither of my parents know where.

The address on the reverse is: John Thorne, 184 Middlewood Rd Sheffield.


It's got a bit creased so I asked my dad to tidy it up on his computer.

I think I better introduce someone who was responsible for me entering this world:

My mum Jacqueline. I think we are on the East Coast somewhere.


I had other children to play with at Brinsworth - my older brother and sister:


At this age we got on very well together. I wonder how things will turn out when we are much older?

The Jackson children all had fair hair; probably a gene from my mum's side. My hair was by far the most blonde.

My mum used to make most of our dresses:



Make me another, please. This one's too short!

Oh! and  the other person who helped me get here was:

This fellow, Tony Jackson, my dad. He would play with us and keep us occupied but never got involved much at bath-time and never once changed our nappies- that was left to mum along with all the housework.

Just look at those silly side-burns.


All three of us had birthday parties:

Here I was 2 years old. This makes it easy to tell the ages of the others-

Hayley was 4 1/2,

Dean was 5 1/2,

and mummy was 30.

We always had holidays in the Spring and Summer months:

This was a boarding house in Scarborough. There were other children here who we made friends with. One was called Annette. I must have confused the pronunciation of her name because I thought she was called "A Net". Every day I would call her "Fishing Net".

The first wedding we ever attended was my dad's cousin, Malcolm:

He married Pam at Dronfield Church.

There was someone who the Jackson children would spend a lot of time with and continued to do so for many years:

It was nanny, Hilda Jackson. She is seen here about a year before I was born outside her front door in Pomona Street.

When I was just 3 months old she looked after all three of us whilst my mum and dad went on their first holiday abroad to Benidorm.

On Saturdays Nanny would take us on the Moor, shopping. We nearly always ended up in the Golden Dragon because we loved Chinese food. We went there so often that the owner and all the staff became very friendly with us. My mum and dad also went there too and we got to know one of the waiters, YUN, so well that he came to our house many times. Once he cooked us all a full Chinese meal and used every pot and pan we owned.

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