Whilst on our Alaskan cruise in May 2003 we met two American couples at our evening dining-room table.

      (see photos included with information on Alaskan cruise)

At the end of the cruise both couples said we would be welcome to visit them at their homes in Florida.

Having kept in contact with them by Email a visit was arranged for two weeks in November 2003. The first day and last three days of the holiday were spent in Kissimmee on our own. Five days were spent with the first couple in Fort Lauderdale and five days with the second couple in Jensen Beach.

Using a hire-car we drove down to meet up with Curt and Cathy Stuart in Fort Lauderdale to stay with them at their home. We were made very welcome and went with them to Okeechobee to view the site of their new home. We were also  taken on a trip to see the Everglades to make friends with the alligators.

The most memorable part of our visit was an excursion on a private boat around Fort Lauderdale's intercostals sea-ways where I got to control the boat.

                                                      MEMORIES FROM FORT LAUDERDALE


The second part of our vacation was spent with Edie and Sal Lapi at a place called "Nettle's Island" situated on Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach.

Here, we had our own chalet and free access to all the amenities of a private complex. Again, our hosts took special care of us and took us on another boat-trip, this time it was an evening sail to a waterfront restaurant.  




All our vacations in the USA have been thoroughly enjoyable but this one will always have special memories for us. The Florida weather and the attractions there will inevitably ensure a successful holiday; when you add these to the American hospitality that our hosts and their families showed us then you truly have a holiday of a lifetime.     GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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