This is the Aunt of  Dean, Hayley and Lisa Jackson.

Born: 1955

Married: 1973 (Trevor Sears)

In the left-hand photo Vicky is with her sister, Jacqueline. The background in the picture appears in several photos and could be one of Sheffield's parks. In the right-hand photo she is bottom left and with her aunt Annie, her grandma Cheetham, and cousin Joan.


Vicky was a bridesmaid at our wedding.


The next photo was taken at her mother and father's Council house in Alison Crescent, Manor.


Vicky married Trevor Sears in 1973. They had three children:

Pamela Louise Sears:  Born 1973

Martin Sears: Born 1977 and

Shaun Colin Sears: Born 1978

Trevor Sears was born in 1955 and today, aged 60 he runs his own Haulage company: