I have several items in my possession:

1.    The programme of his farewell tour performance in Nottingham, England on 10th October 2002

2.    A large poster that was on display at his performance in Nottingham, England on 10th October 2002 which was signed after the   performance by Slim and his son Byron:


3. A copy of his book " MR SONGMAN" :

4. This has to be my prized- possession. The complete set comprising 127 of Slim's CD Albums.


5. This is the official concert programme from Slim's appearance at Colston Hall, Bristol on 28th October 1977.

It is signed by both Slim and Byron.    


6. Slim's Anniversary Tour programme 1990

 7.  Mervyn Conn Living Legends Show 1993

8. Mervyn Coon presents: The BIG COUNTRY 1997 Tour


Purchased from Ebay 99p plus postage

9. UNCOMMON SOUND BOOKS                                                                                             

These books were bought from: 

They detail all notable left-handed guitar players. Their size is colossal, 14" x 10" and they weigh 8.5kg. Purchase price £83.95.


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