This person is:

The father of Jacqueline Jackson,

The Grand Father of Dean Hayley and Lisa Jackson,

The Great Grand Father of Daniel and Lucy Purcell, Lauren and Rachel Jackson, and Hannah and Sam Palmer,

and the Great, Great Grand Father of Aliesha, Noah and Ivy

He was born on 1st January 1915 and lived at 15 Milton Lane Sheffield


His photo on the left looks like a wedding photo, probably Jacqueline's. I've no idea where the right-hand photo with his wife, May, was taken.

He served in the army during the Second World War and was shot in the leg during action.

He worked as a Tram-Conductor and later as a Steel Worker at Brown Bailey's, Attercliffe, Sheffield.

In the photo below he's being squashed by his daughters Jacqueline and Vicky and Jacqueline's cousin Joan Charley.

He lived most of his married life at 2 Court 1 Hodgson Street until the Sheffield gales of 1962

The gales killed three people and damaged 100,000 houses

The house on Hodgson Street had its chimney blown down. It crashed through the roof and landed on Jacqueline's bed. Jacqueline moved in to 28 Pomona Street and the rest of the family were re-housed to Alison Crescent, Manor.

Jacqueline had little respect for her father. She said he always made sure he had enough money for his beer and cigarettes, while his wife was left to struggle to feed the family of six.

He had no DIY ability, a fact that I personally observed. During his later years his heath deteriorated and he existed on Social Security payments. Addition Social assistance was easy to obtain at that time and he was provided with a free car to improve his mobility. I remember visiting him at Alison Crescent and he asked me to check the oil level of the car's engine. I went to the car and the ground beneath it was swimming in oil. He told me he had tried to top up the oil but found it difficult. NO WONDER! He had been trying to pour it down the tiny hole which contained the dipstick.

He died 30th May 1983 aged 68.

Whilst sorting out his house belongings,, after his death, Vicky found £4000 under his bed mattress.

A bronze plaque carrying his name and that of his wife, Hilda May who died four years earlier, was placed at Hutcliffewood Garden of Remembrance. Vicky, their youngest daughter, had charge of the plaque and did not renew its rent when it expired in 2008.

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