Hannah and Richard's baby was born on 9th September 2011at 0926 at Jessop's Hospital.

She was called IVY AMELIA  and weighed 8lb.

Ivy will now take up and describe her story:

Hi! everyone.  Maybe you are wondering how I can talk to you from here. I guess it's because of the advance of your technology and computers. I've discovered I have a Great Grandpa called Tony who spends too much time on his computer. He must have purchased some pretty good software because it's allowing him to tap into my brain and make contact with me.

 Well, here I am still inside my mummy and feeling very comfortable and content. I understand that eventually I will have to move to what is called the outside world and I am not looking forward to that experience. I have had vibes from a relation of mine, called Noah, who says that the journey can be very traumatic and painful.

Ah, well, that's in the future. I'll switch off now and contact you again when that time arrives.  

Wow! How the months fly by in here. Something's stirring maybe it's time to embark on that journey into the light.

Now let's see, I've been trying for days now to wiggle myself round from the position I've been in for the last 9 months but it's not easy. I know I need to get my head down so that I can see where the exit hole is from this cubicle then, if I push my head through, the rest of my body and legs will follow. I seem to be in a sort of back-to-back position where my head is facing my mummy's back instead of her tummy. 

It's no use, I can't manage it. I'll just have to try and get out from this position, but damn I feel really stuck now. Help! please help me, someone!

What's that I can see moving in front of me? Two metal prongs are trying to grab me. Ouch! That hurt. OK, I can appreciate help has arrived but those things aren't working. If you can't find something more effective you better get me out of here by cutting another exit hole. I know you can do this because Noah told me he got out that way.

I can hear voices and they are saying try the VENTOUSE. Grandpa! I know you have a lot of dictionaries please look up the word for me.

Ah! Thank you, a sort of vacuum suction device. That's what they must be fixing to my head.

Steady, that's painful but I think it's working - I'm moving again. Goodness! I've heard of the "trip of a lifetime" but this is ridiculous. I wonder if my mummy has been as stressed as I am. I'm certain she has been doing her best to get me out of here.





Well that completes the first few days of my life. If you want to know more detail of it and for the years to come you will need to view the DVD's that grandpa Tony has made.