This is the uncle of Dean Hayley and Lisa Jackson.

Born: 15th May 1949

Died: between 6th-12th March 2004

This is the earliest photo available of Freddy. It was taken around 1951 when he was about 3 years old. The high-chair, or whatever it is, looks as if it is something out of the Victorian era.

The left-hand photo was taken in the back yard at 2 Court 1 Hodgson Street. In the right-hand photo he is top left. All the others, I think, are his cousins.


Freddy didn't have a very eventful life. When he grew up he was unable to hold down a job and was happy to live on Social Security.

He married a girl called Gillian and they had a son. Unfortunately, the lad was killed in a road traffic accident.

He is seen here with his younger sister, Vicky and his older sister Jacqueline.

This photo was probably taken on a club day trip to the East Coast. He is with his sister, Jacqueline and her children Dean and Hayley.

He lived much of his life at: 21 Errington Crescent, Arbourthorne.

Amazingly, his wife was also killed in another road traffic accident.

Freddy had few interests; his main enjoyment was listening to records and CD's.

In his early fifties his health deteriorated and he had, for some time, suffered from a nervous disorder.

He had a stroke  and was admitted to the Northern General Hospital. Later, he went into Haythorne Nursing Home, Shiregreen,  where he died.