Hi there, I'm a new addition to this Website and Family Tree.

I was born at 2pm on 5th October 2016 in Jessop's Hospital, Sheffield. My weight is 8lb 13oz

I was hoping for an easy entry into the world but unfortunately it was somewhat traumatic and necessitated an instrument called forceps.

Still, it could have been worse it was much easier than my sister, Ivy's birth.

I like the names I have been given. My middle name, JAMES, is a good strong, likable one but my first name is very uncommon.

The name ALBIE signifies a person who is Bright, Brilliant. ( and NO I don't own a discount supermarket).

I will do my best to live up to this name that my parents, Hannah and Nick have given me.

Well I suppose you are waiting to see what I look like so here we go............




Now why do I think he's going to be a boxer.